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“AI Readiness” refers to a status in which a company is fully prepared to ethically discover, select, develop, implement, and scale AI applications appropriately and responsibly for its business, all while mitigating related risks for itself and stakeholders.

The AI readiness assessment is a prototype of the Company AI Readiness (CAIR) Index©, which is envisaged to provide a comparative view of companies’ readiness to responsibly adapt and scale AI, while offering operational guidance on how to improve their position. The data this index generates will help inform policymakers as they design need-based ethical frameworks. Hence, it contributes to a Cognitive Era that is driven by a competitive, human-centered machine-augmented economy, enhancing the common good of society.

The issue CAIR addresses

Few companies and policymakers are ready for the emerging Cognitive Era. Research suggests that 91 percent of companies in more than 126 countries expect to deliver AI-powered business growth by 2023, only 18 percent of firms understood and adopted these technologies in 2018. 1 As examples like the FacebookCambridge Analytica scandal show, even the smaller set of companies that have integrated AI at a large scale tend to approach it from a purely technological perspective without much regard for ethics and human-centricity. However, in a world of thinking machines, AI challenges the status quo of human-machine interaction, and it begins to redefine our notions of values, trust, and power.


To sustain healthy economies and societies, it is imperative that businesses, civil society, and policymakers collectively consider the far-reaching implications of AI and build a global ethical framework that allows us to capitalize on AI’s opportunities and mitigate its risks.

Our approach

We propose to establish the “Company AI Readiness (CAIR) Index©” with a partner organization. Similar to some Fortune indices, the Index will provide a public benchmark against which users can assess companies’ systemic and structural readiness for the effective and responsible AI use. It will allow comparisons within and across industries:

  • Ethics & Governance: Ethics architecting, Policy, Procedures & Accountability

  • People & Expertise: Human-Centricity, Human Development, Collaboration & Skills

  • Data & Infrastructure: Access, Quality, Suitability, Suitability, Power

  • Economic Performance: Commercial Products & Services

  • Leadership & Strategy: People-Appropriateness, Relevance, Foresight, Communication, Feedback

  • R&D Capabilities: Quality, Funding, Collaboration

  • Operations Capabilities: Diffusion, Human and Cyber Security, Institutional Partnerships


Each company participating in this index will receive an individual AI Readiness Scorecard. It will entail a confidential and detailed assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, providing operational guidance to enhance their readiness to develop, apply and scale AI responsibly. Each year, Cambrian will analyze all the data gathered and, with a partner organization, copublish a public AI Readiness Report that informs policymakers for the development of a conducive yet ethics-focused global governance framework for AI.



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