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A framework for becoming resilient in the global pandemic economy


Beyond the flattening of the initial curve of COVID-19 infections in coming weeks, we will likely see a period of continued patchworks of restrictions by governments and behaviours by consumers for the next 18-24 months as populations grapple with the fallout and attain more stable levels of immunity.  This, in conjunction with stimulus and innovation responses to the crisis, will create waves of volatility and uncertainty on both macro- and micro-economic levels of our economies. Yet, in Albert Einstein’s words: “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity." If we manage to harness it, we might, in fact, experience a period of higher growth and renewed prosperity coming out of the crisis.


This framework explores the different dimensions of resilient business leadership and opportunity framing as we navigate to those new horizons:  Strengthening personal leadership resilience, practising how to motivate virtual teams, foreseeing emerging business growth opportunities, increasing the agility of supply chains, and decentralizing and innovating on business models.

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