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We believe prosperity in an era of thinking machines will emerge from new ways of thinking about the relationship between humans and machines. As deep technologies blur the lines between the virtual and physical worlds, success will emerge from strategies that position humans and machines as partners. A symbiotic relationship between human, machine and natural intelligence capitalizes on the unique abilities of each to solve complex problems and promote our wellbeing. With human values and trust as our core guiding principles, we help business, government and civic leaders identify emerging global trends and develop strategies for this rapidly evolving Cognitive Era.


Millions of years ago, the dawn of the Cambrian Period launched an unprecedented explosion of life, laying the foundation for the complex biological diversity that blooms across the planet today.


We now find ourselves at the cusp of a similar explosion, a technological boom that could prove equally transformative. Artificial intelligence, robotics, genetic engineering, and other deep-tech fields are rapidly producing new forms of cognitive and physical faculties. Some of them will fade into obsolescence; some will change life on earth. 


At the Cambrian Group, our leaders are rooted deeply in science and technology, as well as corporate and social entrepreneurship and the diagnosis of societal issues. We spent our careers building new tech ventures, witnessing first hand their potential and disruptive power for societies and advising governments and companies across the globe. As a result, we set out to help our clients chart their way through this emerging, wonderfully chaotic landscape - without sacrificing our shared human values along the way. In fact, our global network of seasoned technology, strategy, and economic experts believes success in the Cognitive Era will emerge from the companies and institutions that recognize the central importance of a human-focused strategy. 


We provide the expertise you need to navigate this future and ensure that this new evolutionary explosion sets a foundation for greater human prosperity.


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