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Johnson & Johnson, Merck partner to speed up COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Dr Olaf Groth comments on the partnership of the two pharmaceutical competitors in vaccine production.

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DW News: Recession in Europe and the U.S.

Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth about Coronomics, the recession in Europe and the U.S. and the role of Germany and China.

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US Leadership in the pandemic (in German)

For a perspective on US leadership in the pandemic, and the impact of COVID-19 on the US and global economies. Dr. Olaf Groth on DW News (min 15:17).

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AI, Climate Change, German Government and Huawei

Talk with Dr. Olaf Groth about the AI and climate change, Germany's efforts in promoting AI and the geopolitics around Huawei on Deutsche Welle.

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Cambrian Group Announces New Index of Countries’ AI Readiness

Report provides key insights and benchmarks for national strategies, R&D and commercial deployment of artificial intelligence.



Germany's position in the global AI landscape (German only)

About the results of a comparative study on national AI strategies, presented by Dr. Olaf Groth and Tobias Straube.

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Dr. Olaf Groth and Fei-Fei Li on WorldAffairs

AI, Human-Centered Design and Cambrian's FAIR Index. As we cede more of our fundamental decisions to machines, how do we ensure AI is designed with our best interests in mind? 

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ZDF Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth ​

In his first appearance on ZDF's morning show, Dr. Olaf Groth discussed how we will live with Artificial Intelligence.

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DW News interview with Olaf Groth 

The CEO of and co-author of the book "Solomon's Code" recently joined Deutsche Welle anchor Brent Goff to discuss the global implications of artificial intelligence, data usage and trade policy.

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A Closer Look At Risk of Recession

Are signs pointing toward a recession? What does Biden's announcement on the digital $ mean for us? KPIX 5's Allen Martin asks Dr Olaf Groth.

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Why Johnson & Johnson and Merck collaboration will change vaccine rollout

Dr Olaf Groth comments on the partnership of the two pharmaceutical competitors in vaccine production.

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AI in the Enterprise: Digital Resilience

Discussion about balancing personalization with data privacy, with Dr. Olaf Groth and Sanjay Srivastava on LinkedIn. 



The Point: Qualcomm, Intel quietly lobby against Huawei ban

Talk with Dr. Olaf Groth, XIU Lin of The Point, and Thomas Luo, CEO of Pingwest, on China's CGTN: Huawei and tech at the center of the trade war "Cold War 2.0."

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"Europe cannot escape a choice between America and China" 

Interview with Dr Olaf Groth about the geopolitics of AI after the Dutch government discovered that Huawei is allegedly spying on its citizen.



Artificial intelligence needs rules (German only)

Dr. Olaf Groth pleads for a global set of rules for AI at the Stuttgart Talks. 

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Business FM Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth 

Dr. Olaf Groth shared his opinion on innovation and leadership in Finland. Interview by Henrik Tötterman.

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Product Strategy Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth

Discussing his book “Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines”, Dr. Olaf Groth highlighted what we can do to not only make jobs more productive, but also more enjoyable.

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LA Times quotes Dr. Olaf Groth

Article: "Artificial intelligence can transform industries, but California lawmakers are worried about your privacy"

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Twitter's "poison pill" and China's slow down

KPIX 5's Allen Martin talks business & economics with Dr Olaf Gorth, including Twitter's Poison Pill and the impacts of China's economic slowdown.

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Business & Economics

CBS anchor Allen Martin talks to Dr Olaf Groth about a new rideshare company, how high gas prices could go, and the expansion of an autonomous vehicle maker.

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Why Johnson & Johnson and Merck collaboration will change vaccine rollout

Dr Olaf Groth comments on the partnership of the two pharmaceutical competitors in vaccine production.

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Coronavirus is digital economy watershed

Dr. Olaf Groth on Deutsche Welle's The Day: EU readiness to fight COVID-19 with trusted health surveillance, data and digital work.

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Juuls Kampf ums E-Zigaretten-Verkaufsverbot (German only)

Über die Verantwortung von Tech-Startups in San Francisco- am Beispiel von Juul - mit einer Einschätzung von Dr. Olaf Groth.



US and China lead new index on AI development: The Cambrian AI Index

Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth in The Straits Times on the Cambrian AI Index and the global AI landscape.

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Can we trust artificial intelligence?

Many just don't believe that automated systems in transport and their underlying artificial intelligence components can make our lives safer. But they do, says Dr. Olaf Groth.



Critical Visionary for Artificial Intelligence (German only)

Dr. Olaf Groth proposing a Digital Magna Carta to ensure the development and implementation of a human centred AI. 



Breaker Mag Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth 

Discussion on how we can control our data before it controls us. By David Z. Morris

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DW News Interview with Dr. Olaf Groth

In his second appearance on Deutsche Welle, Dr. Olaf Groth discussed his book “Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines” (co-author Mark Nitzberg).

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