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Solomon's Code (Chinese Edition)

Olaf Groth (Author), Mark Nitzberg (Author)

Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines

Whether in medicine, money or love, technologies powered by forms of artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. As we cede more and more of our decisions to thinking machines, we face new questions about staying safe, keeping a job and determining the direction we want our lives to take. And the answers to those questions might depend on your race, gender, age, behavior or nationality.New AI technologies can drive cars, treat damaged brains and nudge workers to be more productive, but they also can threaten, manipulate and alienate us. They can pit nation against nation, but they also can help the global community tackle some of its greatest challenges, from food crises to climate change.In clear and accessible prose, global trends and strategy adviser Olaf Groth and AI scientist and social entrepreneur Mark Nitzberg provide a unique, human-focused and global view of how humanity might evolve in a world of thinking machines."Solomon’s Code" exemplifies their conviction that the highest purpose of business and technology is to create better societies.‍

"A thought-provoking examination of artificial intelligence and how it reshapes human values, trust, and power around the world."

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"In Solomon’s Code, Groth and Nitzberg paint an intriguing picture of our collective technological prospects, demystifying complex concepts surrounding AI to provide an insight into its far-reaching and ever-changing consequences. This is essential reading for a future just around the corner."
Shashi Tharoor
former Under Secretary General of the UN, Minister of Human Resources and now Member of Parliament in India
"The age of intelligence has begun. The world will come alive around us as we increasingly live in a society enlightened by technology. But it is the challenges of making that intelligent technology safe, reliable and in our control that is the heart of Solomon's Code. A must read for anyone driving and living in the age of smart machines."
Peter Schwartz
SVP of Strategic Planning at Salesforce, former founding CEO of Global Business Network.
"Solomon's Code is a fascinating exploration of the myriad social and ethical considerations that we'll be faced with as we see the rise of AI. It provides a balanced perspective on the many critical issues AI presents, including new mind-boggling ones many have not even contemplated, as well as ways for us to guide the course of the transformation."
Jim Whitehurst
former president and CEO, Red Hat and author of 'The Open Organization'