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Our research and development at the frontiers of AI and emerging technologies allows organizations to solve challenges, transform and thrive in the new Geoetch economy.

Services overview

Deep research for enterprise strategies and investment portfolios

Cambrian blends academic, business and policy expertise to generate the research and insights that lead to innovative and practical strategies.

Product concept designs

Cambrian develops product concept designs that address client blind spots and allow them to seize opportunities at the frontier of the Geotech economy.

Courses & workshops

Cambrian designs executive education and capacity-building services based on our deep teaching expertise. We conduct workshops and seminars that provide concrete insights and strategic implications, including learning journeys that introduce clients to top labs, startups, VCs and other relevant actors and organizations.

Tech ecosystem maps & futures

Cambrian conducts deep research and foresight exercises to identify trends, map actors and generate future scenarios for clients in the Geotech economy.

Governance framework designs

Cambrian offers thought leadership based on its multidisciplinary research and global insights. Our ability to connect the dots across multiple Geotech domains allows us to share insights with clients ahead of others.

Conferences & convenings

Cambrian designs provocative conferences and events that establish clients at the cutting edge of Geotech issues. We also design and deliver keynotes and workshops based on our blend of academic and commercial experience, allowing clients to effectively develop strategies and smoothly implement new governance architectures.

Research and insights

Positioned at the intersection of academia, business and policy, Cambrian conducts Geotech studies and research projects that combine the latest findings of international practical experience — gleaned from our global network — with the advanced research landscape at top universities in the US, Europe and Asia.

Our diverse backgrounds and global network generate the unique insights that lead to valuable and differentiated strategic recommendations for investments and actions across strategy horizons.

We use data-driven tools to aid this research and  integrate it with our global network’s boots on the ground expertise. 

Blind Spots Radar

We combine advanced data science techniques with human expertise to detect anomalies and patterns in emerging technology fields, allowing us to analyze and qualify funding and patent trends, policy agendas and other forces.

Horizon Scans

We tap the depth and breadth of our global network to understand hot spots and white spaces in emerging technology domains. This gives us unique insight into the political/regulatory, social/anthropological, economic/business and ecological influences on deep tech and provides a “true north” for innovation vectors.

Product concept designs
for emerging technology

From strategy to design, Cambrian develops innovative concepts for product concepts,
providing our clients a roadmap to the leading edge of the Geotech economy.

Our Solution Design Process

Effective concept designs begin deep research into blind spots and opportunity horizons. We analyze implications for existing industries and domains so our designs help clients “skate where the puck will be.” This includes pressure-testing of existing organizational, value chain and industry structures, which we do by playing out the emerging operating logic against an organization's or industry's structures and the connective tissue between them. This reveals how power, relationships and margins will likely change and provides the foundation for a proactive strategy.
The path from research to design requires a robust strategy that recognizes theevolving forces, logic and phenomena of a client's econsystem, and how those factors will impact them. With that, we can begin to triage priorities and identify the direction forward, whether for strategy or design. Cambrian employs the FLP-IT model, Futurized Choice Cascades and the Adaptive Strategy System alongside Portfolio Strategy and a dynamic Geotech capabilities model to help clients calibrate their product strategy amid unfolding volatility and uncertainty.
Solution design
Some of our clients request a blueprint for future product designs. Others require an analysis of forthcoming regulatory initiatives, policy influencers and governance regimes, so they can position themselves constructively and effectively in multi-stakeholder dialogues. For the former, Cambrian can client and efforts to take a conceptual design to MVP and proof of concept. For the latter, we can deliver short- or long-form briefs and provide confidential interactions to help clients shape and prepare for new governance and regulatory requirements.

Learning Journey

With a presence in Silicon Valley and other major innovation and entrepreneurship hubs worldwide, Cambrian develops learning journeys for domestic and international clients.
Executive Field-trips

We fuse visits in research labs, startups, corporations, banks, VCs and regional industry associations with orthogonal elements, such as challenge hackathons and social hours, that are thematically aligned with the journey’s purpose.

Research Lab
Immersive visits to cutting-edge research labs
Immersive visits to cutting-edge research labs
Immersive visits to cutting-edge research labs
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Immersive visits to cutting-edge research labs
Regional industry associations
Networking opportunities with industry leaders
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