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Control the distribution and negotiate the value of your personal data.


The patent launch is coming soon. Stay tuned!

A SaaS solution to protect enterprises and people from unwanted tracking and manipulation through personalized control and negotiation of the distribution of data.

Why is the Bouncer Bot?

Problem for employees and consumers:  Consumers increasingly face a lack of transparency, privacy and agency as they move and transact online, prompting heightened concerns about the commercial use of personal data. Their identities and life patterns are being triangulated with every move on the internet. Roughly three of every four internet users in North America (396m) and Europe (434m) say they worry about this, with almost half of them saying their concerns have grown year-on-year (CIGI, Ipsos, 2019). They don’t know who tracks them, nor do they know what data is harvested, where it’s sold and at what price ( estimates suggest that a small family could gain between $500 and $20,000 a year if they didn’t give away data for free (Lanier, Weyl, 2019)).


Problem for enterprises:  The resulting pain and gain points for companies are: 1) Need to protect against unwanted triangulation about the intent of employees as they roam the web and the resulting exposure to “front-running” or preemption of important decisions by competitors; 2) Desire to design trust and privacy, trust and agency assurance into company products and services; 3) Position brands as responsible and differentiated in an era of mass manipulation; and 4) Mitigate non-compliance with consumer-focused legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CCPA) or the U.S. Children Online Protection Act (COPA). Hence, both enterprises and consumers need a solution that addresses data privacy issues and, in so doing, renews trust between them.

What is the Bouncer Bot?


The Bouncer Bot™ is an AI-powered agent distributed through a SaaS platform that increases transparency and leverage for consumers and employees while providing important privacy insights for companies.


Functionalities: As privacy-insight generating SaaS platform, the Bouncer Bot™ (BB) elegantly and quickly designs a dynamically evolving privacy “charter” that each user expects digital service providers (DSPs) to respect. Users interact with and shape their privacy charter through a user-friendly and user-centric master control panel, with which they can adjust privacy settings throughout the digital realm. It provides a benchmark against which the BB compares legal privacy agreements of DSPs and automatically recognizes privacy-sensitive digital interactions by the user. (The most common privacy-relevant interactions come in the form of trackers on websites and the transfer of data usage rights to the DSP). The BB then makes recommendations about which trackers to block and which charter-compliant websites to consider as alternatives. The BB temporarily blocks access or, when appropriate, checks with the user to change settings. To ensure DSP compliance with the personal privacy charter, the BB tags all data originating from the user with a unique ID embedded into the files or metadata, allowing it to also track replications (e.g. screenshots or scans). The BB assigns a General Public License to that content and logs the transaction in a ledger. Hence, the BB gives users quick, easy and elegant control over the flow of data they create, as well as the power to negotiate value exchange.

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