Courses & workshops
to build capabilities for AI
and Geotech disruption

Rooted in our decades-long track record of designing and running high-impact learning experiences, our team can expand the capacity of your leaders and your organization as a whole.

Embracing disruption through education


Scenario Planning for Executive Foresight

The global economy is increasingly marked by volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty in our contextual social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, ethical, and military (STEEPLEM) environment.


Strategy for Globalization 2.0 (as run with the Haas EMBAs)

This course will feature engaging discussions about the future of Global 2.0 and strategy for it via lightening talks, 1-2 top-notch speakers, hands-on frameworks (e.g. the 6Cs, FLP-IT global foresight, Global Cognitive Economy Business Canvas, etc) and an immersive simulation to practice fresh “zeroth principle thinking,” i.e. seeing new building blocks of the economy and new value through stakeholder partners, before we chart a path into the evolving opportunity set.


Strategic Management of Emerging Tech

The Future of Technology program provides a framework for assessing key disruptive technology trends and for creating a roadmap to implement innovation strategies. It has been designed to examine specific aspects of emerging tech, such as AI, IoE, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain, while offering tools and frameworks for conceiving and assessing tech-driven futures.

Learning journeys

With a presence in Silicon Valley and other major innovation and entrepreneurship hubs worldwide, Cambrian develops learning journeys for domestic and international clients.

Executive field trips

We fuse visits to research labs, startups, corporations, banks, VCs and regional industry associations with orthogonal elements, such as challenge hackathons and social hours, all of which are thematically aligned with the journey’s purpose.

Research Lab
Immersive visits to cutting-edge research labs
Network and dialogue with entrepreneurs
Best practices from seasoned executives and teams
Expert views on economic and financial issues
Insights from VCs on tech and investment trends
Regional industry associations
Networking opportunities with industry leaders

Our recent courses

AI Business Strategy (EMBA)

Artificial intelligence and the autonomous systems that embed it have become the brains of the modern data economy.

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