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Today's global uncertainty gives leaders an unprecedented opportunity to remobilize toward a smarter, more resilient, and more equitable future.

The AI Generation

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"AI technologies can help solve some of our most complex challenges, but they can also lead toward under-considered solutions. The AI Generation powerfully illustrates and dissects the remarkable potential of these cognitive systems and the accompanying risks of mismanaging complexity."
Lord David Puttnam
Award winning producer of Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express and The Killing Fields
"Groth and Nitzberg reach beyond bytes and algorithms to the deeper questions of what new AI technologies mean in fundamentally human terms. They make clear the choices that lie ahead—and the fact that those choices belong not to our machines but to us."
Arati Prabhakar
Fellow at Stanford University, former Director of DARPA, Director of NIST, CTO of Raychem and Managing Director at US Venture Partners
"Don't put this book down. In the intensifying race for tech supremacy, a geopolitical contest that will foreordain centers of prosperity and opportunity for the foreseeable future, AI will be center stage. By breaking down the fundamentals, and by imagining where the AI phenomenon might take us, Groth and Nitzberg do us all a great service. Now it's up to us to respond—and prepare—appropriately."
Erik Peterson
Managing Director, A.T. Kearney Global Business Policy Council, former SVP at CSIS
The Great Remobilization takes on all of the massive forces upending our world today—from COVID to climate change and geopolitical tensions—and presents an easy-to-grasp framework for analyzing those forces and identifying global solutions
Ann Harrison
Bank of America Dean, Berkeley Haas School of Business; editor of Globalization and Poverty