A framework for becoming resilient in the global pandemic economy

Five steps to resilience

This framework explores the different dimensions of resilient business leadership and opportunity framing as we navigate to those new horizons:  Strengthening personal leadership resilience, practising how to motivate virtual teams, foreseeing emerging business growth opportunities, increasing the agility of supply chains, and decentralizing and innovating on business models.

Assess dominant forces that high impact and high uncertainty
Collide forces and see the new dominant logic and implications
See the phenomena and patterns arising from the logic
Diagnose their impact on your stakeholder system and activity/value chain
Seize opportunities for the triage across scenarios

In this era of emerging tech disruption, volatility and uncertainty, we cannot mobilize toward more viable business growth, much less a sustainable and equitable global economy, without a clear vision and actionable strategic leadership framework to guide us. Cambrian has developed a model that will help government, business, and finance leaders flip their gaze forward toward new opportunities we can seize in this unprecedented moment. The FLP-IT model charts a path of evidence-based and risk-bounded decision-making into the Geotech economy.

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