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model designs

Future-proof your tech: Cutting-edge governance for compliance and beyond.

Future-proof your organization with governance that goes beyond compliance to maximize stakeholder trust.

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Company AI Readiness (CAIR) Assessment

Our AI Readiness Assessment is a semi-automated self-survey designed to evaluate your organization’s preparedness for AI integration and deployment. We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing operational AI processes, data privacy measures, and organizational capabilities to identify potential gaps and areas for improvement. The analysis will allow you to see how your organization is performing compared to others in your industry, size category or geography. With our expert recommendations, you'll gain a clear roadmap to closing the gaps with leaders and ensuring successful AI implementation that is aligned with upcoming regulations and ethical standards.

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Custom Tech Governance Frameworks

Tailored to your organization's unique needs and based on international best practices, we develop and implement AI and other deep tech governance frameworks that enable you to manage the complexity of emerging GeoTech regulation and ensure trust in your tech-powered value chains, operations or services. We collaborate closely with your team to design a governance model that goes beyond mere compliance, enabling you to proactively manage tech risks, promote transparency and prioritize responsible tech practices — ultimately enhancing stakeholder and customer trust. Our models equip your organization to make informed decisions while fostering innovation and ensuring long-term AI success.

Governance Framework

Data Checks

Exploration of governance principles in AI, highlighting Board of Directors' oversight of data health.

Model Audits & Fault Detectors

Emphasis on testing, auditing and evolving AI, including data sourcing and fairness assessments of machine learning models.

Societal Impact

Highlighting the role of governance in AI, including social impact assessments and human-centric design considerations.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and AI governance go together and imply creating ethical guidelines and oversight mechanisms that ensure responsible and accountable use of artificial intelligence in companies.

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