Addressing emerging tech dilemmas with our
product concept designs

The future of a data-driven, decarbonized economy that recognizes human dignity, trust and growth requires a fundamental reconsideration of products and business models.

Designing trust into emerging tech solutions

Cambrian's seasoned team of designers craft concepts for some of the most sensitive aspects of an economy driven by data, AI and other advanced technologies. Privacy and individual agency reside at the core of our existing IP, but our product concept designs for clients span a wide array of Geotech domains and development stages — from the earliest idea to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Data Privacy & Agency Bots

Without data and the AI that it feeds, we cannot make better decisions and achieve more effective and equitable human and economic growth. That’s the promise and potential. But we will not achieve that new horizon without safeguards for dignity, privacy and security. A design for an autonomous bot that assures this in real time while we roam the internet without slowing down services will give a greater share of voice to enterprises and consumers alike. It will establish the trust necessary to enable powerful breakthroughs in medicine, climate sciences and elsewhere.

Data Marketplaces

People and organizations currently fuel the digital economy with enormous streams of data, harvested by large digital platforms, data brokers and advertising networks. The terms by which that data gets tracked and traded are opaque, bilateral and inequitable. Organizations and people alike lack the power to negotiate change without losing services. Transparent multilateral data marketplaces with data ownership protection, valuation, pricing and trading mechanisms will make the digital economy more equitable, trusted, and hence more sustainable. We have and custom-create such designs for clients with both centralized and decentralized approaches.


We are well on our way to exceeding a 1.5 degree warming across the globe, as carbon emissions and climate effects don't have borders. Trillions of dollars of adaptation and repair cost will result for corporations, governments, private equity firms and insurance companies alike. To mitigate and bound this exposure we have to go beyond net-zero emissions and take carbon out of the air. The technologies exist but can only mature and scale if the return on investment is there. For that, we need effective carbon markets that log, audit, verify, value, price and trade it. Carbon is a valuable natural resource and building block of life. Let’s keep it out of the air where it’s toxic and put it instead where it has the greatest value. We have and custom-create such designs for clients with centralized platform and decentralized protocol approaches to decarbonizing.

Featured product design:
The BouncerBot

The BouncerBot is an AI-powered platform developed by Cambrian to enhance online data privacy for individuals and enterprises. The bot allows users or IT managers to set personalized privacy "charters," which manage users' online privacy preferences. It compares these settings with digital service providers' privacy policies and recommends actions (e.g. blocking trackers, alternative websites). With the eventual development of a trusted data marketplace, the BouncerBot could help users even the playing field with data brokers and large digital platforms. The goal: Restore trust and transparency in the digital world.

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